We do more than just email marketing.  We market your most valuable asset.  We market your brand.

Designed specifically for restaurant operators, eDining Advantage reaches out to your customers through permission based email marketing.  We help create effective email messages  that  get  your  customer to return to your restaurant time after  time.  If you could get your existing  customer base  to  frequent your restaurant twice as often, you would double your business.  

We will put you on the path toward that goal.

How does eDining Advantage work?
We utilize "opt in" email marketing whereby the customer provides and email address with permission to receive future contact from your restaurant.  We'll teach you how to collect the email addresses, and then we'll facilitate the data entry of these addresses.  By formulating targeted "call to action" messages offered only to your email customer base, your restaurant will increase profits by rewarding frequency and loyalty.
Why eDining Advantage?
Unlike other email marketing companies, we only work with restaurants and we understand your needs and concerns. We know the day to day pressures you face running a successful establishment. We also know the difficulties in competing with other restaurants and the advertising budgets of the larger chains. While you can't compete dollar for dollar with the millions spent by the big boys, you can compete with their effectiveness. Let us show you how. 

Will emailing my customers really work?
A recent AOL survey noted that 78% of consumers indicated that they would “look forward” to receiving any type of email from a business they frequent. When told that those emails would contain specific offers or coupons, an even higher percentage of consumers gave a positive response. With the addition of privacy protection, nearly 90% of the AOL consumer survey expressed a strong desire to receive emails. eDining Advantage allows for measured results as you'll be able to track the customers that respond to your emails.

Why don't I just do this myself?
Sure, you may have a cousin's brother's uncle's nephew who is pretty savvy on the Internet and can setup some kind of email marketing. But someone will still have to data entry all of the emails collected from your customers and someone will still need to create an effective message that brings customers into your establishment. And someone will need to know what he's doing while not violating anti spam regulations that can cost you hefty fines. Increased business is probably one of your top priorities. Do you really trust your cousin's brother's uncle's nephew with your bottom line profit? You probably don't even trust him to drive your car.

Do you also build websites?
While eDining Advantage does not build websites at this time, we do work with partner companies that can handle your website construction needs. Please note that eDining Advantage does require that its restaurant clients maintain a working email address that is checked regularly.